THE Guide to NOT Paying Child Support is a collection of proven methods for avoiding child support payments based on actual experiences and results.

Non-custodial parents everywhere have proven time and time again that they can get out of child support. This is a book featuring a variety of ways many non-custodial parents have used in order to avoid their financial obligation to their children.

Delay or Suspend Support Payments!

Delay payments for a few months to several years or more with the techniques discussed in this book.

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The cost of this book is far less than what you'll save in one month of support payments alone.

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There are steps in this book any non-custodial parent can use and many methods can be combined.

So... You Want to Get out of Paying Child Support?

Have no fear! There are several ways around paying child support and this book reveals the tricks and secrets that have worked for other non-custodial parents.

The tips in this book have been used for decades and have excused parents from paying support, even if it was only for a short period of time.